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2012 Nebraska Vaction

2012 Nebraska Vacation

Our 2012 trip to Nebraska to visit with family! Had a HORRIBLE experience with the RV, but a GREAT time meeting family! Overall, meeting the family made the RV problems a minor annoyance. (If you need a high res version of any picture for printing, just let me know.)

California -> Nevada -> Arizona -> Utah -> Colorado -> Nebraska! Then back!

Our New Roof (2007)

Our New Metal Roof!

August 2007 -- Our new roof!

A 20 year old shake roof is pretty leaky.

2004 Laguna Seca Superbike Races

Rode my Honda VFR800 Interceptor up to Laguna Seca to watch the races. On the way I did a little unintentional offroading!

Rare HotWheels!

Some VERY Rare HotWheels!

These are some very rare Mattel HotWheels from the late 60's through the mid 70's. Some of these are early prototypes or rare alternate colors produced in very low numbers. Enjoy!

Go to MotorCrazy.com, haven for happy gear heads!

More coming soon!